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The Very Best Place In Doral

Marfil Bistro has 3 unique events areas for your selection, so we can accommodate every of your needs.

Marfil Bistro has a unique event room which is a great location for a private party, a meeting or conference, a fundraiser, a holiday extravaganza, wedding reception, or film production. The Marfil Bistro room has approximately 1000 square feet of space for up to 120 people.  We also have another private room up for 36 sitdown guests.

Our room have a 360-degree permanent projection mapping system that we now use to take our events to a whole new level.   With the use of this technology, we can create virtually any ambiance, atmosphere and any experience.   Enjoy a fully immersive environment surrounded by a lush flower garden, visit any city in the world, take an underwater excursion or float in to outer space.  Clients and guests can customize the visual show to whatever their theme or objective is, the possibilities are truly endless and allows for some of the most thematic party dynamic and extraordinary events to come to life.

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  • Private spaces for up to 36 people

  • Personalized decoration

  • Contact us about our group menu options

  • Wi-Fi connectivity availability

  • Free parking

  • Not adapt for handicap people 

  • Outdoor wide space

  • With fans

  • Can accommodate up to 30 people

  • View over Doral Main Street  Free parking

  • Pet friendly

  • Accommodates 25 – 100 guests

  • Wi-Fi connectivity availability

  • Projection mapping system

  • Easy load in and load out access

  • Adjustable lighting

  • Professional kitchen

  • Wheelchair accessible

  • Ample convenient parking

  • 4 Big screen for video 

  • Audio System incorporate

Mezzanine Picture Gallery

Terrace Picture Gallery

Events Salon Picture Gallery

Food Picture Gallery