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Book Your Corporate Event in our Conference Room

The Best Conference Room In Doral

Marfil Bistro has a unique Conference Room which is a perfect for a corporate meeting or conference. It has approximately 1000 square feet of space for up to 120 people, and we are equiped to accommodate all of your needs. 

Our uniqueness can be find in our amazing 360-degree permanent projection mapping system where it can be projected anything you want, including creating virtually any ambiance, atmosphere, or corporate presentation, and in our amazing Mediterranean food and drinks which will make your guest be delighted.

Our Conference Room has everything you need for a successful gathering:⁠ ⁠

✔️ Accommodates 25 – 120 guests⁠
✔️ 360 Projection mapping system ⁠
✔️ Audio and sound system incorporate⁠
✔️ Wi-Fi connectivity⁠
✔️ Microphone, and technical support ⁠
✔️ Easy load in and load out access⁠
✔️ Adjustable lighting⁠
✔️ Professional kitchen with menus that adapt to your budget⁠
✔️ Wheelchair accessible⁠
✔️ 4 Hour ample convenient parking⁠ ⁠

Ideal for any kind of business conference, including: pharmaceutical, medical, marketing, tourism, finance, and so on. ⁠

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